A curated lesson plan for your child based on his/her readiness and areas of interest.

Language Development

Language Development

Ø Phonics – Alphabet Sounds (flashcard learning)
Ø Blending sounds to make a word
Ø Learning CVC/ 3 letter words
Ø Reading (echo reading/pointing to corresponding word as it is read)
Ø Pre-writing /Tracing Alphabets (Tracing, working on their penmanship  tripod grip.)
Ø Creative Writing (Forming their sentences through creative writing. Your child will use their own imagination, words and invented spelling.)

Math/ Numeracy



Math will be conducted with Flashcards, Concrete Materials and activity Sheets; Counting Number Sense, Basic Shapes, Spatial Concepts and Understanding Numbers, both Concrete and Abstract and being able to correspond to each item.

Ø Rote Counting
Ø Rational Counting
Ø Matching
Ø Sorting
Ø Comparing
Ø Ordering
Ø Patterning
Ø One-to-One correspondence
Ø Matching Numeral Number to Numeral Word
Ø Basic Shapes
Ø Spatial Concepts
Ø Observing of Quantity
Ø Part-whole Relationship
Ø Understanding Numbers
Ø Concrete and Abstract and being able to correspond to each item.
Ø Units of Measurement



It stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. Children can continue to build a stable foundation for future learning by exploring STEAM concepts by learning through play, discussion, problem solving and critical thinking.

Ø Straw bees set up (building)
Ø Making Ice-Cream from Milk
Ø Making Butter
Ø Toothpick bridges
Ø Running Rainbow Water
Ø Hot Water & Skittles Rainbow
Ø Milk, Food Colouring & Soap detergent Experiment
Ø Baking Soda Volcano
Ø Marble Run with Toilet Rolls

Motor Skill Development

Motor Skill Development

Gross Motor Skill
Ø Large Tic Tac Toe
Ø Obstacle courses (printed and pasted)
Ø Catch
Ø Create your own Chalk Hopscotch/Obstacle course
Ø Don’t touch the String obstacle course!
Ø Ladder Run
Ø Colour Tag
Ø Soccer
Ø Box & Toilet Roll Challenge (with a ball)
Ø Balloon Catch with a cone
Ø Balancing eggs on a spoon

Fine Motor Skill
Ø Tracing
Ø Ripping News Papers
Ø Play dough
Ø Beading
Ø Threading
Ø Ice Tray and Pom-Poms
Ø Lacing
Ø Zig-Zag beading on the lines
Ø Paper Clip Connecting
Ø Line & Sticker Tracing

Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Please have your own Aprons, Paint, Paint Palettes and Paint brushes Ready! Choose from a variety of activities such as:

Ø Easel Painting
Ø Finger Painting
Ø Imprinting with leaves
Ø Origami
Ø Cotton Bud/Aluminum painting
Ø Stamping
Ø Water Colours
Ø Cutting Crafts
Ø Theme Crafts

Messy Play

Messy Play
Please prepare a tray, bowls, cups and toys you wish to include and aprons if necessary. Children get to engage in open-ended exploration and their properties’.

Ø Shaving Cream and Paint
Ø Water Babies
Ø Water Play
Ø Bubbles & Bath Bombs
Ø Slime
Ø Eggs and Dino dig
Ø Jello Playdough
Ø Rainbow Rice
Ø Kinetic Sand



The Mindfulness activity is a 30 Minute session where your child can participate in the following activities to create calmness, regulate their emotions, create awareness and manage their self-esteem.

Get a Yoga Mat Ready for this!
Listening to child friendly soothing stories/audios on Spotify.
Child Yoga involving breathing techniques.
Guided Meditation Scripts for kids.

Ø Listening to a child friendly soothing stories/audios on Spotify.
Ø Child Yoga involving breathing techniques.
Ø Guided Meditation Scripts for kids

Free Play
The Children get to decide what activities that they want to do within that time with the materials that they have at home.

Free Play